Hey there.

My name is Simone Malou Bruun.

I'm the Founder, Product Designer and Maker behind Soulmade.

I have a strong passion for creating and a great enthusiasm for interior design. All this has led me on this journey of having started my own business.

Working with my creative side is a dream come true.

There's beauty in uniqueness.

Because of my Danish roots I get a lot of my inspiration from Scandinavian design. Another great source of inspiration for me is emerging trends, nature and all the beauty this world has to offer.

I'm someone who believes in seeing and celebrating life's imperfections and uniqueness.

I would very much like to celebrate this beautiful life with you.

Goddess Statues

The idea behind the Goddess, was to make something that celebrates the female body, to show people how beautiful our "imperfection" are. Many of us know all too well how it is to struggle with body image and have probably in one point in our life wanted to change something about ourselves.

My hope is that the Goddess will remind you of how magnificent you are and hopefully will help you to view body images a little differently outside the usual body standards.

Our body is made for us, let us not forget that.


I'm a one person business, that I run from my house in Denmark. All items are designed, casted and carefully finished by me all by hand, I pride myself on having each item being completely individual in its aesthetic value.

One of the many things I like about this whole journey is that I'm working with a eco-friendly material, which is why I also put so much work into packaging to make my business as eco-friendly as possible.